Your players are waiting out there, don’t miss the chance to get them on your court.

interactiveRACQUETBALL is more than an advanced training system for skilled and professional Racquetball players. The platform covers the needs of the digital age: immersive gameplay, interactive sports experiences, easy access and suitable for all ages and skill levels – even in summer time.

Skilled Player

Advanced and professional players will spend more time with solo training to refine specific skills and strategies. 

The tracking system in combination with the app enables these players to analyse their playing style and to specifically improve their strengths and weaknesses. Motivated by the progress, they will return quickly and train regularly. Even the cancellation of their training partner won’t stop them to enjoy their time on your court.


Bring more amateurs and beginners to your court and increase the bookings of training sessions for kids and adults.

interactiveRACQUETBALL provides instant visual feedback enabling coaches to objectively assess performance. It shows where players have to hit versus where they actually hit and gives a much clearer impression of where their level lies. This is great for helping players progress faster. You can even give your students tasks to train individually.

Fitness enthusiasts

Make your court more attractive to athletes who are looking for an intense and fun workout.

Racquetball is one of the healthiest sports and it famous for pushing players’ strength, balance and agility to the limit. The problem: Many people hesitate because they don’t know how to play. Our games are designed for fun and easy access to start playing without previous knowledge. This reduces the inhibition threshold and increases the willingness to have their routine workout on your court


Attract fun-orientated, open-minded audiences who are looking for new things to try out in their leisure time.

Make use of the gamification effect and mixed reality sports and gaming experience to target younger age groups like students. Grown in the digital age this tech-savvy generation is always looking for new innovative concepts and experiences. If it’s new – they are going to test it. If it’s cool – they are going to share with their network, which means new guests for you.

School cooperation

Enlive your court in times of less use, such as early morning and create awareness and reputation.

Invite schools to do their physical education on your court. Children love to play and will enthusiastically tell their parents about this exciting adventure. Fun games for groups up to 10 kids as well as educational games (math, geography, memory) will keep children busy and help to develop cognitive and physical skills while playing digital games with colorful visual and funny audio effects.

Kids B-Day Parties

Turn your court into a digital playground and provide children and their parents a joyful afternoon.

Parents are always looking for meaningful activities for their kids and friends to celebrate b-day parties. In addition to the occupancy of the court, your catering area will benefit from the hospitality of the guests. Keep in mind that these children may become your future squash players and they will never forget their first lesson on a digital court, your interactiveRACQUETBALL court.